Woe Priest Guide

WoE Do's and Dont's for Priests and High Priests

Full Support:

This section is FS exclusive. If you're battle or ME, ignore this part, though some of it still may be true.


  • Ruwach: Nobody likes getting ninja'd.
  • Status Recovery : Recover stunned wizzies first so they can keep precast up, followed by anyone else who needs it.
  • Heal and Buff: Keep your own party healed and buffed first, worry about other guildies after. If you are the only priest or there aren't enough priests, have fun buffing 'em all. I'd suggest recruiting more priests so your WoE life is not a living hell twice a week.


  • Decrease Agility: Decrease Agility the competition when rushing.
  • KE assump'd enemies: KE cancels ass. You don't want your enemies to have ass, ass bad. ):
  • Aspersio and Sanc: Aspersio competition's emp breakers and sanc when needed or ordered to by leaders.


  • Run ahead: Priests support. You cannot support if you are not with your supportees. THEREFORE, you become useless and your whole purpose of existence is shattered. DO NOT run ahead.
  • Try to kill other players: Again, priests support. Don't try to kill other players, it's just a waste of time and could cost you. Just dec agi, maybe lex, and move on.

Non-Full Support:

  • bunch of stuff I don't know. Do whatever you like until someone fills up the section. 8D
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