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DarkHikari's Intimidate/Plagiarism guide with Jah's edits.

For that frequently asked question, How do I use intimidate? This is my first attempt at a guide so please don't flame me.


What Is Intimidate/Plagiarism?

A passive rogue skill that allows you to copy any active job class skill (except transcendants) that does damage to your character and allows use until you get hit by a different player skill. eg. A knight uses level 10 Bowling Bash on you and you have level 5 intimidate. You'll only be able to use up to level 5 Bowling Bash and then if, say, a Freezer were to use cold bolt level 3 on you. The Cold Bolt level 3 would overwrite your level 5 Bowling Bash.

Requires Snatch lvl 5 and is mastered at lvl 10.
Use the last skill from the last enemy dealt with. Skill level affects the level of skill the caster can remember.Only memorizes the character skills, it is impossible to memorize exclusive skills for monsters. For instance when a user`s hit by Bash lvl 10 at Intimidate lvl 5, the user will be able to use Bash lvl 5.

What skills do you need for Intimidate

  • Stalk level 2
  • Backstab 4
  • Sightless Mind level 5
  • Snatch level 5
  • Intimidate

Why should I get Intimidate/Plagiarism?

It's a fun skill to use and overall it has a good use for leveling in certain places. It's much more of a PvM skill for rogues whereas stalkers have Preserve so it's also effective for uses as PvP and WoE.

Offensive Player Skills

They hurt. Some of it can't be used without certain requirements like Sonic Blow or Spear Stab since they need Spear or Katar Class weapons.

Jah's note. Skills marked with an * are unusuable or have other problems. If you're playing in a pre-Amatsu server, Intimidate has no use outside of PvP because you lose your skill when you change maps.

Swordsman Class

  • Bash
  • Magnum Break


  • Bowling Bash
  • Brandish Spear*
  • Pierce*
  • Spear Boomerang*
  • Spear Stab*
  • Counter* - Tried copying it before. It doesn't work


  • Grand Cross
  • Holy Cross
  • Shield Boomerang
  • Shield Reflect* Taking reflected damage doesn't count as a skill hit. Uncopiable =/
  • Smite

Mage Class

  • Cold Bolt
  • Fire Ball
  • Fire Bolt
  • Fire Wall
  • Frost Diver
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Napalm Beat
  • Soul Strike
  • Thunderstorm


  • Earth Spike
  • Fire Pillar
  • Frost Nova
  • Heaven's Drive
  • Jupitel Thunder
  • Lord of Vermilion
  • Meteor Storm
  • Sightrasher
  • Storm Gust
  • Water Ball


  • Earth Spike
  • Heaven's Drive

Archer Class Skills

  • Arrow Repel
  • Arrow Shower
  • Double Strafe


  • Blast Mine
  • Blitz Beat
  • Claymore Trap
  • Land Mine
  • Freeze Trap


  • Melody Strike*
  • Unchained Serenade*


  • Slinging Arrow*

Merchant Class Skills

  • Cart Revolution*
  • Mammonite


  • Acid Terror
  • Bomb

Thief Class Skills

  • Envenom
  • Sand Attack
  • Stone Fling


  • Grimtooth*
  • Sonic Blow*
  • Venom Splasher* Does no actual damage when used, so it's uncopiable. I'm not entirely sure of this, however.


  • Back Stab
  • Double Strafe
  • Sightless Mind

Acolyte Class Skills

  • Holy Light
  • Ruwach (While hiding)


  • Guillotine Fist* Requires Fury
  • Occult Impaction* Possible with a Greatest General Card or monk with Ki Translation (nyi), but it's really inefficient.
  • Raging Quadruple Blow* Tried it many times (mashed the quad key while doing trifecta and getting hit by quad). It's not usable.
  • Raging Thrust*
  • Raging Trifecta Blow
  • Throw Spirit Sphere* Same as OI.


Note: The following skills are affected by wearing undead property (Evil Druid Card) armor.

  • Heal


  • Aspersio
  • B.S Sacramenti* I've never tried this before. If you say it's copiable, though, I'll believe you.

Magnus Exorcismus

  • Resurrection* NOTE: In pre-niffelheim servers, Resurrection can be used without gems or sp. I used to lvl Jah this way a long time ago on ancient mummies.
  • Sanctuary (Thanks Zankuuse)* I have tried this one before and I only copied the lvl of Heal that Sanctuary used (usually lvl 3-5 Heal).
  • Turn Undead

Stat/Skill Builds

Some suggestions for dagger rogue (I'm sorry I'm not bow. :| ) builds:
Make your own choices about a build, it doesn't have to be exactly like this but make it so that it suits your style of play.


Pretty Strong meant more for PvM than PvP or WoE

  • Str:85+15 =100 str (2x Clip of mustle; +2 str headgear, Picky Armor)
  • Agi:80+7
  • Int:3+4
  • Vit: 45+5
  • Dex:50+9 (2x s gloves)
  • Luk:1
  • Gank 8
  • Mug 4
  • Backstab 10
  • Sword Mastery10
  • Stalk 2
  • Snatch 5
  • Sightless Mind 5
  • Intimidate 5


If you just like to hit really hard.

  • Str:91+19=110 str (HBH, EWears, Raggler shoes, Picky Armor, 2x rings of mustle)*
  • Agi:77+7
  • Vit:40+6
  • Int:1+4
  • Dex:50+7
  • Luk:1
  • Gank 4
  • Mug 4
  • Backstab 9
  • Sword Mastery 10
  • Stalk 2
  • Snatch 5
  • Sightless Mind 5
  • Intimidate 10

Skills to intimidate

As a rogue, in my opinion, these are the best skills to intimidate for leveling:

  • Aspersio level 4. Aspersio vs. any other undead killing skills = fail for rogues. ME takes up one bgem and since some rogues don't have much int, there's not much of a point to use this. TU; No luk, No int. Bleh. Ressurection: wtfx?
  • Heal level 10. Best for soloing, even though rogues are pools of sp doesn't mean we regen like priests. Not really recommended for parties.
  • Raging Trifecta Blow. Like a boost for killing things one by one. Pretty useful if you can't mob.
  • Bowling Bash level 10. Note: If you're bow it doesn't use up any arrows. For those who like to mob and kill all at once. An sp eater but deals quite a lot of damage.

Stalkers in PvP/WoE:

  • Mammonite level 10. Freeze + Mammo with Wind Weap/Arrow = Pwned Razz
  • Bowling Bash level 10. Jahari Style

Areas to level with intimidate

Basically any place that a monster (passive or aggro; be careful either way) does not use a player skill against you (but there may be some exceptions). These are some of the common ones:

  • 50 - 70:
    • Mi Gaos
    • Geographers
  • 70+:
    • Bathories
    • Watch out for Jokers
  • 80s - 99s:
    • Turtle Island Surface * Don't touch the bunnies and you will be fine (unlike me ;O ).
    • Tamruans: Ayo dungeon 2
    • Niffleheim 1
    • Goats. (Preferable with an icepick unless you're bow)
    • Sleepers - Sand Attack (prefer wuith an icepick)
    • Turtle Island Dungeon (or known as Ti2) - Sand Attack and Aqua Armor (Swordfish Card)

Niffleheim 2

Bloody Murderers will sonic blow but there's not much to worry about.

Also, you may try Seals. Just watch out for Mobster as he can use Spear Boomerrang/Brandish Spear and cause you to lose your skill. Make sure you bring Swordfish Armor to avoid unnecessary pain. It is also good to have Sand Attack hotkeyed (to take out Ragglers without switching from your wind weapon to an earth weapon).

Alarms are also good if you need job exp. Be careful that you don't step on the Tower Keeper's Claymore Traps.

Thief Skills:

You may think that some of those job class skills may not help but they do especially for an intimidate rogue, learning it is your best friend in some of the maps I listed above, where some monsters may use sand attack.

Peremeters and Sleepers: the two monsters that will use sand attack. If you lose your skill when the monster hits you with it and you have already learned it, relog and your skill will come back.

Turtle Island Dungeon (Ti2):
The only way you can use skills in here is if you buy Swordfish (Aqua) Armor and learn Sand Attack. Like I said above, if you get hit by sand attack and you have learned it as a thief skill, relog and the skill you had before will come back.


Thank you for reading my short-ish guide. Any questions/suggestions/criticism/some-other-crap-I-didn't-list-zomg PM me through the forums. Credit for the sand attack goes to Dg2004
about BB and arrows goes to Mireru <3

Most of this was by personal experience in-game.Please tell me if there's any other things that I may have missed. Thanks ^^

By: ~Darkhikari~ of iRO Chaos


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