Member Shiopi


Shiopi is one of our youngest members. He plays a female character though he is a male. This was by accident and could well be the source of his emo-ness. He is always more than willing to off himself in any situation, sacrificing his life for no apparent reason other than the fact that he is an unstable wad of emotions teetering on the brink of self-destruction. enYx is always trying to convince him to marry him for the purpose of being able to adopt one of KasumiAngels characters and abusing him for sp and free teleports.

He is the only member of Eternal Despair who is actually emo, a distinction that one would normally not wish for, but Shiopi seems to savor and indulge in his emoness.

Shiopi's first char was a lvl 60 hunter named Yukoa with 50 str. 40 dex. 25 agi 21 vit 22 luk and 22 int. He was a very very strong Hunter.

He/She is currently married in-game to him/herself…

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