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Saladin was made during a very tumultuous time in iRO history. He was made on the first day of beta 2, which was noteably unstable (a disaster). There were over 15,000 people on at one time and since the server had a maximum capacity of about 3 players, lag was unbearable. In addition, there were problems like the character database or the item database not saving properly, so rollbacks and such happened occasionally. He was originally an agility knight, as was common back in the day. His build sucked terribly, and was too agi-dependent and had too little strength. He was unable to survive anywhere without the support of a FS priest. However, his one saving grace was Counter Attack, as monsters did not have skills back then, so little Saladin was able to slay difficult monsters with ease with the push of a button. He became level 69 and stopped leveling it, as 69 is clearly a very crucial number (it is a sacred and holy number to enYx). However, soon thereafter, closed beta 2 ended and marked the end of Saladin's short and fleeting lifespan, as the player decided to quit iRO. Over the next few years, the player continued to play RO on various servers other than iRO, all of which were perfectly legal in the most illegal kind of way, honing his abilities somewhat and learning of better builds for both his stats and his skills.

In January 2006, the player decided to return to iRO and remade Saladin completely from scratch. Over the course of a month, Saladin became a decently built vit spear knight, but the player decided to quit once again, as his interest in RO was starting to wane completely. In June 2007, the player decided to return to iRO once again because of his friend and decided to start a new class, a priest. Agreian was made and joined ED while he was looking for a FS skill build. During that June, Agreian became a priest, but the player lost interest in playing the FS, so decided to use him to make money to support Saladin's costly knight gear. And thus, the story continues… >:

Saladin is currently 95 and is looking for a free bio3 leech…which will never happen :(

Saladin is very sarcastic and is prone to outbreaks of cynicism, but never emo. He is a brilliant, yet hot-blooded Korean that

  • A) curses a lot.
  • B) is very demeaning.
  • C) will scorn you if doesnt get his way.

He hopes (in vain) that you find his sarcasm and wit humorous, or he may consort to having you killed (or maimed if he is feeling merciful). He occasionally displays some unconscious leadership tendencies, but these are often transient and too rare to be of any importance unless he is in the process of actually kicking you from the guild. He is well versed in the basics of Ragnarok Online, and is more than willing (and very, very able) to yell at noobs to fix behaviors that are prominent displays of nubbiness. However, he still has many lessons to learn himself, and is willing to be pummeled into submission to learn said things :o

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