Member Pringle

Once I pop, I just can't stop!

False Start On the Offense. 15 Yard Penalty.

Pringle was born out of an unimaginative mind that was eating a Pringles potato chip while making characters during open beta of RO. The servers were in Korea and 20 billion people were stuck in the waiting room to be warped out to the "real" world of RO. I was lucky to get all three of my characters out of newbie land in less than 6 hours of trying. I created a Swordsman, a Mage and an Acolyte. The last one was created because, I did not know what Acolyte meant and wanted to try it out. Unfortunately during beta tests, servers go down. I walked My Swordie and my Mage into Prontera and was promptly disconnected. Pringle was the only character outside of Prontera and since everyone around me were plain evil, they all informed me that if you walked into Prontera, you might as well delete your character. I've always wanted to play a swordie first to get to know the game but this was not the case. I really did take their advice and deleted my other two characters and the legendary Pringle was born.

The First Incarnation

Not knowing what Acolytes are cause me a lot of trouble. I built him like a swordie. Pumping a lot of strength and vitality. I went on to live in the payon caves level 2 where soldier skeletons lived. It was there that I met my carbon copies, Raven Locke, forceonatr, and Asura Zanmaden. We quickly grew close and leveled together. All of us had similar builds so we related to each other quite well and it was quite fun tanking 5 Soldier Skeletons back in those days. Unfortunately, this incarnation was very short lived. After a while, news of punchcolytes were spreading around. I wanted one too. Till this day, I cannot figure out why I did not simply make another character instead of deleting Pringle and remaking.

The Second Incarnation

Pringle started to go down the road of becoming a puncher but by the time I was able to achieve the raw attack speed to make punching faster, iRO went commercial. It was really sad to see Pringle die as they did a full database wipe when it went commercial.

The Third Incarnation

Pringle was again reborn as a puncher since I did not know any better. At around this time, Battle Priests were all the rage so I decided to do a Battle Priest build. The insane thing is that by the time I finally changed to Priest at job level 50, the 2-2 jobs (Monks) came out. I was forced to remake Pringle yet another time since Monk was what I really wanted and they did not offer to do a skill reset. At around this time, we formed a guild of 3 people called Capitalist Dogs. The emblem we used was the guy in the Mammonite skill. Unfortunately, the guild was closed to everyone since it was simply used as a permanent party between our characters.

The Fourth Incarnation.

Soloing Pringle yet another time to level 50 took its toll on me and my guildmates. In the end we disbanded the guild but tried to keep in touch. I had to take extended break since I had to move and by the time I restarted playing RO, everyone I knew was gone. So that caused me to go on extended leave yet again.

Eternally Desperate

But as always, the itch comes back. I decided not to focus on leveling and do collection quests for hats. I aimed at things I can collect myself such as a beanie. During that particularly long collection quest, KittyGoRawr asked me if I wanted to join ED while I was hunting for yarn in Louyang. This was a fun time when ED and AES were actively in WoE and people used vent but I was a total mismatch. Pringle turned out to be a PvM build that is totally unsuitable for WoE.

Enter the Dragon

I wanted to be more useful in WoE so I started Osh Kosh Bgosh. For those of you who do not know, it is a brand name of baby clothes. Unimaginative, right? Well so is his build. So many years were spent on honing a PvM monk build that I did not know what to do with a knight. So I just took some guy's SVD build and implemented it. I then also took Judging Eagle's advice from the Ragnamart forums. The end result is Osh that is seen today. At around this time, I had to go look for a job that pays better so I took a year leave from ED.

The Long Road Ahead

There have been ups and there have been downs. It is now up to the current membership to pull through and leave a mark in each other's lives. This is a new chapter in our Guild History and I hope that we all make it a good one.

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