Member KasumiAngel

Good Mornin'

KasumiAngel is unmistakenly the guild's conscience and voice of reason. She is the much needed balance that tips the scales when it comes to delivering justice and keeping the peace. Her serenity can tame the wildest of beasts (a.k.a ekoja xD). Always willing to go along with a joke, her ice-breaking sense of humor can strike you when least expected!
In extreme crisis situations her threats of leaving the guild are good indicators that things are getting too serious in guild and because of our dear affection for her, it's all it takes for everyone to get together and resolve an issue. Aside from dealing with guild issues, KasumiAngel is a very caring individual who is always willing to help other members with leveling and quests. She is a leader of e/d and our event-planner. She pain-stakingly plans many group hunts and guild events to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Her husband (in-game and real life) is Ekoja.

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