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enYx is a noob…

In the beginning

enYx joined iRO about a month or two before juno patch. This was the worst time to be an acolyte as sp regen was about 2sp every 4 seconds sitting down… he started off as an acolyte named Cervantes Alucard, two of his favorite characters from Soul Caliber 3 and Castlevania (in reality he didnt know what name to pick, even though he could have just used his tag name). enYx made one good friend who he will never forget named Shiri-Gama. They were a team who always fought side by side thoughout their beginning adventures. During those days iRO enYx was a total nub with no idea that stats were limited and that having 11 strength 20 agi, 20 dex and the rest of int wasn't a good build… eventually enYx ran into someone who gave him advice, telling me to get about 20 dex and the rest int. enyx remade his acolyte and named the new one Alucard Cervantes.

GetBackers (1st guild)

Afterwards enYx joined a guild called GetBackers. This guild turned out to be the biggest bunch of losers as they were only out to scam people. One day hunting high orcs in geffen field, a High Orc drops an earrin g. He managed to pick it up and was convinced to hand it over so it could be vended (he had no merchant at the time). At the time the earring was worth 2mill and that was alot for a nub. He was eventually told that they made a mistake and forgot a zero and was given about 50k or so in profit… enYx promptly cursed them out and left the guild.

Eternal Flames (Eternal?)

enYx was then picked up by another guild named Eternal Flames. They were the nicest people he knew at the time and always helped him out. one notable person in this guild was a girl named Evil Bunny. enYx was told in this guild that unless he was going to be an ME priest, he didnt need dex at all and that 99int/vit was fine. enYx decided that was the perfect build for him (he still feels that way for regular priests) and even though was already job 50…remade once again, turning Alucard Cervantes into a Monk who basically was an acolyte in Monks clothing (20 dex the rest in int) What he didn't realize was that it was ok to have 20 dex regardless…

{[\Angel/]} (with wings!)

enYx's bss priest comes into the picture at this point. His name was {[\Angel/]} (the parenthesis and brackets were supposed to be wings, which he was all to quick to point out all the time). He is on the third slot on the character selection screen and is a testimony to his 3 crazy lives as an aco. Once again enYx had to go through the Aco life to attain job 50 and with the help of friends, job changed into priest in this guild. Eventually Eternal Flames broke, it's guild leader quit for medical reasons. enYx was left without a guild and wandered around guildless for a few weeks until Chrome approached him in alde…

+Eternal Despair+ (Yosh)

enYx remained a bss priest until the skill reset event where through much deliberation decided solemly to trade in his bss skills for sanctuary. Even though he misses bullying aco-types around to get into formation during woe, It turned out to be just as valuable a skill (e/d was running out of sanc priests xD).

Eventually he dropped the wings and name.

Note: I suppose the only reason I became more involved in leadership is because Chrome knew where I lived lol… after Chrome left he allowed me to use his Paladin to take care of guild matters. This would only last a little while as I had more of a dedication to my priest.

Ultima Weapon (Ultimate Test of Faith)

Eventually enYx decided to go wander around before returning to e/d so he started looking into other guilds for woe purposes. enYx essentially guild hopped, making new friends, abusing guild dungeons, and woeing with no real alliegence. Eventually he landed in Ultima Weapon who turned out to be some really good spirited people. enYx remained with them the longest and almost left e/d completley for Ultima Weapon. This was the beginning of his bio3 partying and the road to 99… Ultima Weapon began to slow down a bit as a guild since Jingson was busy most of the time and never online. Eventually the guild broke some time later after the most awesome full attendance 50 person WOE which enYx was honored to attend.

An Even Share (An Even Abuse)

enYx joined AES because KasumiAngel and ekoja were woeing with them on their dancer/bard. This worked in his favor as enYx got close to Kodie and took advantage of their bio3 party hosting to get his priest within 20% of 99. It is assume Kodie caught wind to this as he denied enYx parties at the last stretch of his priesthood (80% at lv 98). enYx was persistent though and wandered bio3, searching for parties at the cost of his experience. He teleported back to Lighthalzen and lo and behold, a sader approached enYx asking if he wanted to party! After about two hours of bio3 enYx finnaly hit 99.

Eternal Despair (A Failed Democracy)

After much rejoicing some ex-e/d members got together and began consulting on leadership. After a few failed votes, ekoja basically handed enYx an emperium and that was the declaration that he should be leader and Eternal Despair was reborn… [to be continued].

note: The funniest thing is my second char was fine in terms of stats… but who knows what the butterfly effect would have been If I had remained with that character… (we all might be speaking french today)!

Enyx is a noob. This is all the biography you need of him. He also needs to stop smoking.

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