Lord Knight Builds


The Other Kinda Lord Knight


The ED Lord Knight

This is a build built from the suggestions of a lot of the ED members. Based on their collective experience, this is the result.


The ED Lord Knight is a build geared towards all possible scenarios, be it PvM, PvP or WoE. Because of its versatile build, one can categorize it as a Hybrid build which resembles the Hybrid X build.



Melee Characters will want to capitalize on this stat. With the awesome job bonus of +15 in this stat, people can actually reach 130 str with buffs and eqiupment. This also implies that you are also able to lower your total target strength if you plan to pump up some other stat besides strength. Target ranges from 110-130.


Because of such high HP modifiers for the Lord Knight and all the bonuses one gets from all the HP bonuses from equipment, there is a lot more leeway for adding to agility. The primary purpose of agility though is for aspd purposes and not dodging. The key here is that with sufficiently high enough aspd and good gear, you can double as an emp breaker when necessary. 2HQ also benefits from this stat which allows you to enjoy whacking at your enemy at insane rates. Target ranges from 40-80 depending on build.


Vitatlity is always good for a melee character as it increases your survivability. Coupled with the high HP modifiers, getting a lot of vit will yield a ridiculous amount of HP. Target ranges from 60-80.


Dexterity should never be forgotten. The worst part of getting low dexterity is all the misses you get when fighting. While this is generally not a problem for monsters, it can be a problem during PvP or WoE. It can be argued that some concentration and active skills can help (Spear Dynamo + Pierce gives a huge accuracy boost), dex also helps killing the other guy faster by lowering the variability of your damage output. Targets range from 50-70.


Since Transcendental classes have a hugh sp boost too, investing in int is no longer necessary. Put spare points in here or luck on if you have no other ideas.


Luck is not used here unless you plan on some weird LK crit build. No one has enough time to experiment on this since getting LK to experiment on is very very costly investment.

The Archetype Build

During the course of making this build there were a lot of disagreements as to what exactly are the stats and skills. So here is a common ground to build off of. This is not set in stone but something you can take and tweak to your pleasure. Note that the following stats includes all supportive skills (bless/agi up), job and equipment bonuses.


  • Str: 130. Note that in the damage formula, $(str/10)^2$, strength has a quadratic impact on the damage output. In order to gauge what you are trading off, you need to see the effect with respect to the other stat you are trying to increase. In the case, of vitality, you are only gaining a constant multipier and trading off a quadratic effect. Not very appealing to me, but maybe to others.
  • Agi: 70. This will gain you sufficient aspd to double up as an emp breaker just in case your real emp breaker is sick or going emo that day.
  • Vit: 70. I did a character simulation with Ares armor and green boots. The difference is exactly 1196 hp. Some consider that a lot but between 21k or 20k hp, I really don't think that 1196 is much. Why? $1196/20k = 0.056%$ It's only a tiny drop in the bucket. If you are getting pwned, it's how you play not how much HP you got.
  • Dex: 70. You need this so that you can connect your hits with those agi chars. High dex coupled with Spear Dynamo and Pierce yields very high hit ratings.
  • Int: 1. As an LK, you will have enough sp to go around.
  • Luck: 1. Not used in this build

Recommended Equips

  • headgear: whatever floats your boat. Fancy flower.
  • Garment: Immune.
  • Armor: Ares.
  • Weapon: Must have pikes, 2H emp breaking swords and PvP swords. 1H swords for other purposes.
  • Shield: racial when using 1 handed stuff.
  • Footwear: Firelock for the ultra rich, green/fledged for standard equips or whatever you got in your storage the the zeny impaired.
  • Accessories: This build only relies on 1 accessory slot of 1 mantis ring. The second slot is your call. Teleport clip, heal clip (hehe), whatever you feel that day clip.


Swordsman Skills (Job Level 50)

  • Increase HP recovery 10: Gotta sit.
  • Sword Mastery 3: Point of contention but hey it doesn't hurt.
  • 2H Sword Mastery 10: Prerequisite for parrying
  • Bash 10: This plus the quest skill will allow you to stun stuff.
  • Magnum Break 5: Prereq.
  • Provoke 10: Good stuff.
  • Endure 1: Good for mobbing.

Lord Knight Skills (Job Level 70)

  • Peco Peco Ride 1: must have that Peco.
  • Cavalier Mastery 5: so that your aspd does not suffer.
  • Counter Attack 5: prereq for BB.
  • Two Hand Quicken 10: prereq for BB.
  • Bowling Bash 10: Your anti-Mob Skill. Must master gutter lines.
  • Spear Mastery 5: prereq for Dynamo.
  • Pierce 10: your main leveling skill coupled with BB.
  • Spear Boomerang 5: must get 5 for long range reach. Lower levels dont have a long reach.
  • Aura Blade 5: concentration skill to add 100 attack.
  • Parrying 7: blocks while having 2H equipped. Good stuff while emp breaking.
  • Spear Dynamo 5: increases attack, lowers def and has an endure effect. Why not?
  • Frenzy 1: Ultimate LK skill. Must have.


  • PvM level with spears. Use piece+BB instead of the traditional pierce+Brandish.
  • aura blade and spear dynamo can be used on any weapon. I find it very odd to put the word "blade" and "spear" and allow you to use it on any weapon BUT hey, whatever floats Gravity's boat. Get a neutralizer ready if they decide to screw around with this. hehe.
  • note that 1H swords go 100% vs medium whereas 2H swords don't. Exercise proper judgement when fighting.

Leveling Spots

  • HOs HOs HOs. NOT! Only HOs when you miss it.
  • TT!!!
  • Veins!!
  • Bios!!
  • You name it you can be there.
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