Leader Emeriti

2002-2007 Snow as "Chrome-X"


Chrome-X is the founder of +Eternal Despair+. He is best known for his trademark phrases "Yosh" (okay) and "Koob" (to this day its meaning remains obscure). He is additionally known for the synapse-blasting mind-numbing effect of his unintelligible, below grade spelling and insufferable grammar, it is a wonder how anyone actually understood him. During WoE, his diplomacy and courageous leadership have earned us countless castles through out +ED+'s history and during War of Emperium has been heroicly remembered for his extreme raging; foaming out of the mouth, semi-psychotic fits, even going as far as yelling at people for being inattentive to a misleading command (for example informing people to go left and screaming at them when they do even though he actually meant right). He is highly respected and loved by his peers, though many in the RO community think he is emo (some used to think he was a girl).

Chrome-X remains an active force in the forums under the pseudonym "Snow."

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