Knight Builds


Under the instructions of the King, he/she has devoted to live as a Knight serving the King. He/She has the ability to move very quickly riding a PecoPeco. Having greater strength and the ability to attack than a Swordsman, he/she points his/her weapon at those who endanger the weak and the King. The ability to move quickly, combined with a variety of different physical attacks puts fear into all enemies

Agi/2H Sword


The SVD Spear Knight

This is quite a common cookie-cutter build of a knight that has existed in RO for a while now. I do not take any credit for making this build. I simply forgot who exactly first wrote of it.


As the name implies Strength, Vitality and Dexterity are the three primary attributes that you should be concentrating on. Once these attribute goals have been satisfied, the rest is gravy. Based on this stat build, you can then see that in order to utilize these stats effectively, you will need to concentrate on the spear tree which I will discuss later.



Once again: Melee Characters must have this as their primary attribute, be it Knight or monk or whatever. Higher the strength the higher the damage, the faster the experience. Unlike other melee classes though, if you do not get 120 strength as a knight, I think you're doing something wrong (with buffs and equipment). Aim for 120 strength here, no margin for anything else.


Vitality is your primary defense. The higher the better naturally. It also controls your mobbing power. Higher Vitality, the better a mobber you are (besides your ninja mouse skillz). Status ailments is not a problem. Your goal here is to set a target max HP amount and see how much Vitality you need. In general, it is recommended to stay between 70-80 total vit. Anything higher trades off your other attributes whereas anything lower decreases your mobbing capabilities.


You need to connect your hits. Every miss is very very detrimental. This build solely relies on your pure power damage output and every miss you make, significantly reduces your damage output. Another factor that this attribute affects is the stability of your damage. Low dexterity can cause you to take 2 extra hits to kill off an enemy whereas having a more consistent number of hits to kill a monster I think is more favorable. Your goal here is to get 50-70. I like 60 dex though.


You need some int but only in the later parts of your life. I have survived off of 1 int soloing. I noticed that I lose HP faster than I use sp. So I ususally never run out. The only time this becomes a problem is if you are in a party. You can easily run out of sp since you probably have a healer to take care of you. Then sp becomes a problem. I think that maybe 18 to 20 is sufficient for int on a knight. Others disagree with this so it is possible to leave it at 1 int and put the points elsewhere.


Since you are not a 2HQ build, you can disregard this stat completely. There are hybrid builds but this is not one of them. If you don't put points in int, then you can dump the rest in agi. If you do that, you might be interested in getting 2HQ.


I have seen crit knights. They are very very scary when done correctly. The problem is the pain of leveling. So not unless you are rich and have many friends, well, let's just skip this one too.

The Osh Kosh Bgosh Build


This is what I am aiming for with buff and equipment

Str 120
Vit 80
Dex 70
Int 20
Agi 9
Luck 1

Recommended Equipment

  • All headgear: +2/+3 STR equips (Hotblooded headband, Alice doll, Orc Hero Helm, etc.)
  • Garment: Immune garment
  • Armor: Armor of Ares
  • Weapon: Pikes
  • Shield: racial shields
  • Footwear: Firelock soldier if you are rich, green or fledged boots for the zeny impaired or sp regen based shoes (sohee or eggyra).
  • Accessories: mantis rings

The Pike vs any other lance.

It has been proven that for SVD builds, you must have the racial bucklers or you end up potting/sitting more than you are leveling. A 30% reduction in damage can be though of as more HP for your next mob. This means that you extend your leveling time by simply using a racial shield. This immediately limits you to using the 1H Pike since it is the highest damaging 1H spear.

Another reason is, the 4 slots. You can gain more than a 200% modifier using the right card combination. The key is to know what to hunt.


Get whatever you feel like but these skills are set in stone:

  • Peco Peco Ride 1
  • Cavalier Mastery 5
  • Spear Mastery 10
  • Pierce 10
  • Spear Stab 3
  • Spear Boomerang 5
  • Brandish Spear 10

The rest is gravy.


Leveling Guide

Leveling a knight is darn simple. Bash or Pierce early on. Sit when you are out of zeny to feed the pot habit and most important of all, Get Strength First. Getting Strength last is a painful way to level up. So take it from me and get Strength first and you will not regret it.

Leveling Spots

* People keep mentioning Bathories. I think maybe it's ok but if you look at the carded pikes that you can make, nothing beats the raw kill strength of the next place I recommend.
* Which is High Orcs. LKs level there, 90+ Knights level there. nuff said.

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