High Priest Builds

Support High Priest


The High Priest is the epitome of spiritual calm. A bulwark in the storm of chaos, he is more than capable of protecting his comrades when faced with even the most ferocious enemy.


Int, Dex, Vit are the main stats you'd be working on… Str, Agi, Luk are useless unless your battle.


battle priests only… some folks get Str to hold more stuff but I would rather spend points where it counts.


Let's not go there…


For status ailment protection 80+ is recommended.


70+ is good. If you want 2721 heal crank it to 90 base. You could hit 2822 at 90 base with the right int equips, you'll need about 25 more Int points (this is with bless included which will make it 35).


Depends on how fast you want to cast your spells. Higher Dex is recommended for assumptio. If you are not concerned with that then about 40+ is good (kas help me out on this)


Useless unless you can think of a reason to use it on a High Priest build


Emergency Supplies

Always carry some sp items and white pots along your journey for emergency purposes. You'll thank me for this one.

Make Zeny

High Priests can make really good zeny heal slaving! You can charge up to double for your services than a regular Priest.

Leveling Spots

enYx's High Priest (rough draft)

I believe priests are meant for support. You might read that and laugh, but some people create builds that focused more on tanking or super fast Assumptios.
while having a high heal is nice, as a regular priest, no one complained about my 2184 heals. My build is sorta customizable in terms of equipments, its Dex is high enough for a decent Assumptio which i can raise with Dex equipment, the Int is decent enough for at least 2419 heals with no equips and around 2620 with the right int equips. What I wanted the most out of my priest was negating status effects, as well as a good enough Assumptio. so heres the run down of my stats:

  • Vit: 91 + 9 = 100 total
  • Int: 78 + 22 (with bless) = 100 total
  • Dex: 71 + 19 (with bless) = 90 total

This leaves you with 0 stat points left… good till the last drop!

If I need more Dex for Assumptio, I can wear Dex equips, if I need more healing I can throw on some Int equips. If I MUST tank or mob, I equip more defense equipment, though 100 Vit is excellent and I probably wouldn't really need to.


  • Heal 10
  • Bless 10
  • Agility Up 10
  • Angelus 3 can give up a point towards Decrease Agi 2 which I will probably do in the future either way its fine
  • Decrease Agility 1 could be 2 if you get Angelus to lv 2 only
  • Divine Protection 5
  • Aqua Bendicta
  • Cure
  • Teleport 2
  • Warp Portal 4
  • Pneuma
  • Ruwatch
  • Kyrie Eleison 4
  • Sp Recovery 5
  • Ressurection 4
  • Gloria 2
  • Imposito Manus 3
  • Aspersio 4
  • Sanctuary 7
  • Magnificat 3
  • Assumptio 5
  • Balliscica 1 (it comes in handy in emergency situations)
  • Meditato 10

more coming soon

KasumiAngel's HP Build

  • INT 90
  • VIT 90
  • DEX whatever's left should be 50ish—Assumptio should be fast enough


  • Heal 10
  • Bless 10
  • Increase Agility 10
  • Teleport 2
  • Warp 4
  • Pnuema
  • Cure
  • Divine Protection 5
  • Aqua Benedicta 1
  • Angelus 4
  • Assumptio 5
  • Aspersio 4
  • Impositio Manus 3
  • Meditatio 10
  • Sanctuary 3
  • Safety Wall 7
  • Lex Divina 5
  • Lex Aeterna 1
  • Status Recovery
  • Increase SP Recovery 5
  • Resurrection 4
  • Kyrie Eleison 4
  • Gloria 3
  • Magnificat 4

This takes me to job 63… from there I haven't decided what I'm going to do. My options:
max angelus, max KE, get sanc 7, or finish off the odd buffs (asp, gloria, imp).

Build 3

enter content for build 3 here

Battle High Priest

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