Guild Motto.

"Every voice is listened to, make it be heard."

This particular motto came into being after a period of drama and were once again rebuilding ED. It was shortly after Lords and Ladies of Doom had merged into ED, and a lot of ED members were unhappy with the guild and unhappy with Chrome. To fix this, Chrome attempted to hold regular meetings after woe where the whole guild would come and give their input into what they thought about what the guild was doing, what the guild should be doing, and things like that. Common meeting places were Al De Baran east of the clock tower and bottom middle Luina castle—he'd frequently use the latter location so he could recall and force participation. Chrome's point in doing this was, as the motto would suggest, to make everyone's voice heard and to give all members a role in leading the guild. Whether this was successful or not can be debated; it seemed to help for a little bit.

"enYx is a noob."

This particular motto has existed since the dawn of englishRO (that's iRO before it was known was iRO), even before Angel joined the server, foreshadowing his joining the game and being a noob. It is fact, it is the truth, it is an unquestionable dogma. Love ya, enYx <3 and gg.

"We are not emo!"

Eternal Despair has sometimes been referred to as an emo guild and this motto came up due to the typecasting of guildies therein. This is one motto that is repeatedly used in conjunction with guild recruiting chats and/or chat signs. This phrase is usually followed after an emo-ish action or comment, or in defense of the guild. Whether or not Eternal Despair was meant to be an emo-guild is unknown. Most of its members are psychotic.

Addendum: This does not hold true for Shiopi; Shiopi is, in fact, emo.

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