Dancer Builds


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KasumiAngel's Dancer Build

This is my dancer as she is at 99/50, base stats, no gear or job bonus. I'll fix that later.

  • Agi 30 (I really didn't need this, and if I did it again, I wouldn't get it and get either more int or vit).
  • Dex 99
  • Int 70
  • Vit 5x


  • Owl's Eye 10
  • Vulture's Eye 10
  • Double Strafe 10
  • Improved Concentration 10
  • Encore 1
  • Amp 1
  • Dazzler 3 (I wish I could have maxed this)
  • Dance Lessons 5 (also wish I could have maxed)
  • Hip Shaker 3
  • Slow Grace 10
  • Classical Pluck 1
  • Down Tempo 1
  • Lady Luck 10
  • Accoustic Rhythm 3
  • Mental Sensing 5
  • Gypsy's Kiss 5 (would like to have maxed this, but can't have everything)
  • Focus Ballet 1 (just to spam the skill; I liked the song)

Generally, I love my build. Even though I couldn't get all the skills I wanted, I think it worked well. Because of my high int, my gypsy's kiss was almost as good as a pure gk dancer's. With Bless and Soul link, I got 1450 sp from my gk. From the best gk that I found in the 95+ dancers in bio, I got 1505 sp. I can't really complain there. This build was very versatile because it allowed for a good gk as well as both mental sensing and cp. Given a choice I would have traded the 1 lvl of Focus Ballet for another point in dazzler. But eh, she's 99; I'm not remaking for that.

GK Dancer/Alt Dancer—KasumiAngel

I've been debating making a second dancer, one that would compliment my gypsy (see gypsy build). This would possibly be a baby dancer.

  • 99 Dex (would get this before getting adopted; it is very necessary for leveling)
  • 80 Int (if not adopted, I would possibly get more of this)
  • xx Vit (whatever points I had left over would go into vit)

Alternatively, you could go

  • 99 Int
  • 80-90 Vit
  • xx Dex (only enough to lvl through as an archer)

The one negative of this build is that you would be limited to AL3 or similar parties. It would be very good at surviving and w/ 10 lessons and 10 gk would have one of the best gks in the game.


  • Improved Concentration 10
  • Double Strafe 10
  • Owl's Eye 10
  • Vulture's Eye 10
  • Gypsy's Kiss 10
  • Dance Lessons 10
  • Hip Shaker 3
  • Amp 1
  • Encore 1

For GK dancer this is really all I'd need, but since I want this to also be an alt to my gypsy I would add:

  • Battle Theme 3
  • Harmonic Lick 5
  • Focus Ballet 10
  • Lullaby 1
  • Power Cord 1
  • Dazzler 4 (It's either this or sling arrow, and sling arrow is better only for agi builds)

Build 3

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