Crusader Builds


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Leveling Spots

Build 1

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Build 2

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Build 3

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That's The Build I've Tried With My Old Sader (a Great Build)
He was a "Shield Defender".

.:Swordman Skills:.
Sword Mastery (Lvl: 10)
HP Recovery (Lvl: 10)
Bash (Lvl: 10)
Provoke (Lvl: 10)
Endure (Lvl: 5)

- That Mean You'll Become Crusader at Job 46.

.:Crusader Skills:.
Faith (Lvl: 10)
Guard (Lvl: 10)
Smite (Lvl: 3)
Shield Boomrang (Lvl: 3)
Defending Aura (Lvl: 3)
Shield Reflect (Lvl: 5)
Holly Cross (Lvl: 6)
Grand Cross (Lvl: 4)
Sacrifice (Lvl: 5)

- This Crusader Is the Perfect Tanker.

Now for the Stats.
This is Where This "Defender" is getting interesting

.:Stat Distribution:.
Str: 9
Agi: 9
Vit: 5
Int: 1
Dex: 5
Luk: 1

- Now That You Know How To Starts Let's See What It will Look like at Lvl: 99

Str: 33+7
Agi: 91+2
Vit: 84+7
Int: 16+5
Dex: 37+3
Luk: 5+5

And For Equips It's Easy /gg

Head 1: +X (Sloted) Helm/Bone Helm
Head 2: Fin Helm
Head 3: Iron Cain
Armor: +X S.Chain Mail/ +X S.Legion Plate Armor (With Elements Card)
R-Hand: +X Flamberge
L-Hand: +X S.Sheild (With Race Cards)
Robe: +X Mocking/Immune Manteau
Shoes: +X Green/Verit Boots (+X Green/Verit Greave)
Accessories: 2 Safety Ring (For Rich People) Or 2 Clip of Flash (For Normal People)

*Build Made by Anagund*

*Translated By MegaEdge*

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